From the Mind and Heart of ~ReW* (Part of the Your Words, My Photo series)



Poem By: ~ReW*

Photography By: Natali S. Bravo

Who is ~Rew*?

ReW* is the “Bright Star” of NYC. She’s a singer like no other. She’s Patti Smith, Courney Love and Lux Interior wrapped into an adorable little package. Engaging, professional, loads of fun, her music spans from punk to a bit of Rockabilly and it goes right to your heart and makes it ache like nothing else ever will. She will make you laugh like you’ve never laughed to. She’s the “Hostess with the Most est” as she takes part in lots of girl rock groups and she’s a hell of a rockin mom to boot. Just take a look at those two beauties she has raised! Check out her radio show serving NYC Indie Rock scene called Rew and Who? ReW* is doing her part and then some to get indie artists the exposure they need. Rew* you sure DON’T suck, but I love that song….cult classic of this generation, its a song that will grab you and make you say, “Yeah,… too!””~Inky Glass, Musician

ReW is extremely talented, hardworking and one of the kindest people you’d ever want to meet. She is not only a brilliant performer, songwriter and on-air host, but also highly intelligent, organized, lightning-fast on her feet and a real trouper. I’ll never forget that she braved the biggest snowstorm of the year to perform at my birthday show, even though most of the other performers had dropped out – all with a smile, flair and a lovely gift in hand. I can’t recommend ReW highly enough.” Halley Devestern, local diva

Independent musician and songwriter , The Halley DeVestern Band
“Rew is one of the hardest working people in show business. Her show Rew & Who is informative, funny, and down right funky. She gives new artists a chance to shine and provides a platform for established artists to have a good time. I think if you want to support someone with class and style, support Rew and her show, it will be worth your while!!!” ~Saadiq S , CEO/President , Hustle Nation Enterprises, Inc 


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