Morel Ambrosia

Here is my happy introduction to morels.


I am a fine art photographer from New York in Minnesota visiting my friends Kevinn and James. James is a hairdresser and interior designer. Kevinn is a realtor.


More importantly, they are foodies that own an incredible house in Roseville and love to entertain. Uncompromising food shoppers and master of recipes, everything they cook is taste bud heaven.

James recently came across some morels and could not pass up the opportunity to buy 14lbs.

I have never heard of morel mushrooms, but since I like mushrooms, I was happy to try them. They caught my eye the moment they were delivered.

Information about the morel.

  • They sprout yearly.
  • They are rare and short lived.
  • They cost $35 a pound at the local market.

We had 14 lbs of them. Kevinn found some recipes. James prepared them.

James’s first morel masterpiece was morels breaded with buttermilk and panko, then fried.

He paired them with a delicious, tender grilled Rib-eye steak.

Needless to say, not a single morsel of morel went to waste.

Morels may be dried to preserve them. We tried the oven.


We also tried air-drying, which was much better. The air did not shrivel the morels.


The following night, James made fettuccine with asparagus and morels; simply a piece of heaven.


Written & Photographed By: Natali S. Bravo
Edited By: JH Barbee

I hope you have enjoyed this ode to morel.

Below are links to incredible morel recipes and information.


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