Can you feel that color?

Art school teaches the effect of colors on emotions. Hospitals, spas, offices, holistic centers, shopping malls, and restaurants all use colors to create ambiance. That, in turn, sets the tone for the overall experience. Yoga teaches that chakras also have colors that describe energy. Yellow, for example, is a great color. It signifies peace or happiness. Below you can see some charts colors and the effects they can have.

Child psychologists use this chart to analyze drawings, to understand a child’s feelings.

This more complex chart is for adults. It uses colors, hues and values to cover more feelings.

An infographic that maps emotions and body language to colors.

This chart depicts what colors mean in a business setting. When choosing a color for your logo, website or business cards, what do you want your customers to think or feel?

What do the colors in your home say?

So back to this image.
This captured my mood. Photographers play an important role. We dictate what the viewer sees and feels. My message is always peace, love and happiness. You entrust me with your subconscience and I take that very seriously. This blog was created to pass on good vibes.

Now pass it on.

Written By : Natali S. Bravo
Edited By: JHB



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