Getting intimate with Nature

An Orchid is like a Woman 


Like a woman

An orchid is a beautiful flower

Like her foundation

Its stem is strong yet flexible

Like her skin

The petals are silky soft to the touch

Compared to her feminine body

An orchid’s form is curvaceous


Like her beauty

An orchid is designed by nature’s highest vision

And reminscent of her scent

The sweet aroma casts a spell on innocence

Like her patience

The orchid waits to bloom when ready

And similar to her endurance

Few other blossoms matches its longevity

Like a woman

An orchid has special needs to grow

Light to know which direction to face

Water to maintain suppleness

The balance of nutrients to flourish

© Natali S. Bravo

Like a woman

An orchid can blind with good looks

Seduce the hungry

Lure entrance to trappings of sweet honey

Like a woman

An orchid thrives among nature’s bounty

Is admired by countless beings

Like a woman’s inner beauty of generosity

Orchids share multiple flowers on a single stem

As only a woman’s face can, the orchid gleams in the moonlight

Most of all

A woman is like an orchid wanting, needing loving care.


Poem written by: Kathi the Fossillady


14 thoughts on “Getting intimate with Nature

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