The Cat Section: Insight to my cats.

Currently, I co-habitate with four felines.

Rescued two years ago. Approximate age is 4. He is on a diet indefinitely due to bladder stones. He is the youngest and latest addition to our household.
Rescued in 2004 when I lived in Las Vegas, NV. She was found on a construction site. The construction workers would eat their lunch on the roof or scaffolding in the shade and she would climb up ladders to beg for lunch and hang out. At night, she would climb and hide from the wild coyotes in the desert. Her exact age is unknown, but she has been with me for almost 8 years.
Chippie is my first cat. My mother gave her to me at the end of my freshmen year in college. She was still a kitten and the cutest little kitten ever. She is a bob tail and has a small nub as a tail. (It is the cutest thing in the world when she wags it.)
Nore is technically my grand kitty. I had her parents and their litter of two (Capone & Noreage). Nore is the soul survivor. She was born March 2004.

to be continued……


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