Turkey 101:



“Most people don’t realize turkeys are friendly, they’re social, they’re loyal, they have emotions.”

~Shannon Elizabeth

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2 thoughts on “Turkey 101:

  1. Thanks for introducing me to your site. I will certainly follow it and invite you to follow my blog as well. I love close up photography. I used to do a lot back in the “roll of film-better get it right days. Somehow, I cannot quite get up to par on the digitaals I have. I had diopters, colored lenses etc with my old one and the camera I found in digital that my old equipment would fit on was just beyond my maintain grasp. Hope to see more soon. By the way, I have a “pet” turkey-rally a male-that I call Violet, who comes to beg from me nearly every day, he will walk right up to me-I could touch him, I beleive-his young male friends are a little more skittish. I like to play “Pied Piper with him, making him follow me around as I throw out seeds! beebeesworld

    • Wow! That’s amazing, you actually have a pet turkey. Sounds adorable. Does he puff up every couple of minutes? I am such a fan of animals, more so than humans at times.
      I started photography when I was very young and remember developing my own 35mm b&w film. You better get the light right and the temperature during processing the film too. I refused to trade in my film for digital for a very long time. Unfortunately, I lost the battle because digital has become so big, so fast. I still see in b&w most of the time, but somethings just need color.

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