Photographic Series : The Glowing Field.


Many years ago , I had a dream about a glowing field. When I awoke from it, I wish I hadn’t.
I closed my eyes, and tried to get back to it


The days went on, my thoughts often returned to the glowing field from my dream.


I realized what I loved about the dream was the light and space. I had never been to an open field,  during a sunset, completely  alone . I had never seen in real life, what I had seen  in my dream.


As time went on, the glowing field became my “Happy” place. My daydream. My escape from reality. My last thought before falling asleep. The first thought in the morning. My obsession.


When something angered me, I would think to myself ” In the grand scheme of life, this is NOT going to get between me finding my glowing field”.


One day, driving back from Rockaway Beach (Queens, NY) I wandered off my usual routine drive straight down Crossbay Blvd. I drove around looking at the huge homes in Howard Beach.  I decided the neighborhood was worth a closer look.


I parked my car and grabbed my camera.


As I  adjusted the camera strap around my neck, and struggled to get myself adjusted, I looked around to see the available light in order to adjust the meters on my camera accordingly, when suddenly…..


I saw EXACTLY what I saw in my dream.
The glowing field was right in front of me.
The sun was almost as low as it was in my dream.

Quickly setting, the sun caresses the field one last time with its glowing light.
I savored the moment. It had deja vu written all over it.


The sun finished its dayshift, and clocked out.
I returned to my car in complete awe.
I managed to capture a dream.
Now I share it with you.
How crazy is that?


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