There was a time…

Before Photo Shop.

Before memory cards.

Before digital.

Before computers.

Before instant gratification.


There was a time when this was the latest trend.


7 thoughts on “There was a time…

  1. There was a time people had to use the speed of their imagination, eyes and hands to grab the essence of the moment, rather then “upgrading” their ideas using Adobe.

    • Yes, Once upon a time, when I was a young girl learning photography, I realized the skill required to be a photographer was, eye,time,brain & hand coordination. Now it has become watered down and everyone thinks they are a real ” photographer” or ” artist”. Photographers are under valued and under paid.

      • Sadly this is true and it pretty much runs in every form if artistry. Everyone’s an artist and real talent of those who got “it” gets lost behind cocky overconfident wannabes. Cheap and fast rules the world and people aren’t able to search for the real talent. Often they want what isn’t gonna break their wallet.

      • You hit the nail on the head. People think photography is something you “DIY”. If you have a camera, why shouldn’t you do your own photography? PAY someone to do what you can clearly do yourself, that’s crazy?
        Yet, they also have pliers and screw drivers, why don’t they change their own car’s oil? If it is so simple. You are so right dear, real artist get lost behind egos and $.

  2. How true. I remember, and still have my Canon AE1 which I adored, and I swear I spent millions of dollars on photo processing over the years, LOL!

  3. Appreciate the camera today , that used to be I can recall these very well, and as I looked at the date of the post I smiled too it is my sons 35rd sons birthday but he’s not the photographer in the family its his brother before him and a cousin who is now married lives in Austria, a camera isn’t a play tool in the hands of the artist, its a tool of trade and much loved by many when the results are seen. A keen eye and a natural ability added to the necessary items makes for great photographs. even today cameras are a wonderful tool in the hands a great artist.

    • A tool of the trade is correct. I was just discussing with someone that if it wasn’t for digital photography, I wouldn’t be able to share as much as I do with the world. My audience would be limited to my neighborhood. Also because of the expense of processing film, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it, flat out. I love digital photography too, but I miss the days in the darkroom soaking my hands in developer and fixer. There was a romance in the darkness with hints of reflections from the red safe light.

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