A Neon Affair in Houston, TX.


Created from two photographs I took of “The Granddaddy of night clubs”
The Continental Club on Main Street, Houston, Texas.

The Continental Club opened in the late 1950s as a classy night club in Texas. Liquor wasn’t sold at the start, you had to supply your own. In the 1960s it welcomed burlesque. In the 1970s, a partnership took over and booked live acts.  Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the names that have graced the clubs funky stage.

In the 1980s, the current owner acquired the venue and restored the club to its original look. In 2000, the Continental Club relocated to its present home on Main Street in Houston, TX. The club carried its original charm and funk over to Main Street.

I drove past the club and had to turn back and get a closer look. Tell me, isn’t this sign just beautiful? I had a moment standing outside gripping on to my camera seeing things glow on and off. Marketing classes teach that flashing lights are a way for your business to attract attention. The Continental Club could easily teach a course on attracting attention. It had my undivided attention.

More information about The Continental Club.


8 thoughts on “A Neon Affair in Houston, TX.

  1. I saw that once on one of my tours through Houston. I lived there for a year, and I love exploring big cities. Cool pictures. : )

      • I drove around downtown(s) and the fringes every weekend. I found cool buildings, dumpy bars, music festivals, banana bend, (even the swanky parts) and all sorts of eccentric characters. I lived in Kingwood, which is the most stuck up suburb ever. I even got to see James Taylor at The Woodlands. I couldn’t stay though; too much concrete for me. It was good overall.

      • I have been to 33 states, and so far NY has evaded me. I’ll make it there one day. Vegas was very sterile to me. I have passed through quite a few times on the way to Cali. The most amazing part is when you crest the last hill, at night, this city of lights appears in the middle of nothing. Amazing. I have been fortunate to see many big cities; I think Boston is my favorite. Lots of childhood memories there.

      • The drive from Vegas to Cali is magnificent. Those lights>sigh< a certain magic to the glow. I did the drive to border of NV/Cali ( state line) as a form of meditation. It is one of my many goals, to see every single state and also the whole world. I know, it is a BIG goal, I have nothing but time.

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