The ghost of neons’ past


“Records were vitally important to the development of music and of all music cultures.
With that being pushed by the wayside, I can’t see an iPod uniting us.
In fact it separates us, the streets are full of people bumping into lamp posts,
listening to their own little universe, and there’s no sharing in that.”
~John Lydon






7 thoughts on “The ghost of neons’ past

  1. I love the rich sound of vinyl. There are still artists out there who can simulate it digitally, even down to the intermittent crackle. Nice quote. : )

    • When I was little, I listened to my Disney record on the record player. I was so young, but I knew the needle should touch the record ever so gently to not “hurt it”, because we all know scratches kind of hurt. Ahh, the good ole days.

      • This might date me a little, but I listened to Peter Pan and Mary Poppins on 8-track. Such a crappy idea those were…

      • hmm, I had to wiki 8 tracks to see when they were invented to be able to estimate your age. :X
        8 tracks were not around when I was born. I never saw an actual 8 track until I started shopping at vintage stores when I was a teenager.
        At home we had one those large boxy tape recorders. That was how I was able to create my “playlists” by putting it next to the radio and recording what the radio played, that way I could listen to it over and over and play it out. I drove my mom crazy to the point where she would throw my tapes out. That just meant I had to make another, this is how I was able to get my mother to buy me a walkman. It was a win-win situation.

      • I recorded mix tapes from the radio. I always missed the beginning of the songs… When were 8 tracks invented? I’m a bicentennial baby.

      • In the sixties. They were popular from the 60’s to the early 80’s. I was made in the 80’s so tapes and records were the thing. My mom would listen to tango records and we listened to Disney and Samantha Fox. How’s that for dating myself?

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