A Heart of Gold


Recently I took a trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I wandered around with my camera for 3 days straight. On one of those days I met Donna.


I was beginning my photographic journey for the day when I happened upon “God’s Garden” located inside St.James’ Park. I looked around and spotted her.


It was a magical sight to see. I can only compare it to a scene from the Disney movie Cinderella. The scene where she goes about her daily chores and feeds all the animals. Well that’s what this was like.


The sound of wings flapping resonated through the air. Birds flying in from every direction. Gradually I built up the courage to speak to her and said ” they aren’t afraid of you? 


She peeked up at me from underneath her shades and responded ” Why would they be? I would never harm them. They know that. ” As she said that, up came a  squirrel to take a peanut right from her fingers with out hurting her.


She was right, they knew she wouldn’t hurt them. She had gained their trust and mine too. Before long I realized I just spent an hour chatting it up with her.


Even though I was in a city, for a brief moment, I no longer heard cars passing or people chatting. The only thing I could hear were the numerous comments and conversations the birds were having. Some bickering for food at times.


As we chatted about nature and behavior, this little squirrel decided that Donna was too distracted talking to me and wasn’t handing over the peanuts fast enough. So it jumped up to get some grains.


He got her attention and in return got another peanut.


Birds of all colors and sizes came to visit Donna that day. She welcomed them by laying out seeds for them.


Before long,unknowingly I too had gained their trust. They walked around my feet, brushing my legs with their wings. I was surrounded by birds and squirrels. The most I have ever been surround by in my 30 years of existence.


I asked her how often she would come by to feed them she responded by telling me weekly. She volunteers at the Human Society . On her time off and out of her own pocket, she feeds the wild life weekly.


An aspiring actress with a golden heart, Donna captivated me for the short hour we spent together conversing.


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