Tia Liliana’s Kitchen : Argentina.

After spending one week in Cordoba, Argentina with my Tia(Aunt) Lili, I am missing her and her cooking. Twenty-eight years since we left Argentina and this was my first time back. I have chatted with my Tia on the phone plenty of times. I know her voice on the phone but I had never actually been able to hug her, until now. This was probably one of the best hugs ever. So much love and excitment we barely slept a wink in a week.

Tia loves spending time in the kitchen, she is a beast in the kitchen. Her family encourages her by rating her cooking, they give her good honest feedback. You can see the joy in her eyes when she bakes, she bakes from the heart. Everyone knows recipes are nothing if you don’t cook from the heart.   Tia spent the last 48 hours in the kitchen baking goodies for us to bring home with us for our family . Tia greeted us with a kind of hospitality I had NEVER encountered in my life.

The woman can cook/bake. I have an oversized sweet tooth and being in this lady’s kitchen was heaven. She baked pies, cakes, cookies, breads, pizza. She cooked steaks, salads, milanesas , empanadas and so much more. My tastebuds miss Tia! To pay proper respects to Tia Liliana’s work, this week’s posts will be all of Tia’s delicious cooking from my one week with her.



Every morning I was greeted with Tia’s delicious coffee. After having her coffee for a week, I gave up coffee. I know I won’t taste coffee like that until I return to Argentina, so what’s the point of drinking it?


Tia’s shortbread cookies. I haven’t the words to describe how incredibly magical the reunion of these cookies and coffee were in my mouth.


She made 2 dozen, not a crumb was spared.

See you tomorrow in Tia Lili’s Kitchen.


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