Tia Liliana’s Kitchen Day 5: Argentina


Here is what we had for lunch, milanesa. Milanesa is the Argentine equivalent to country friend steak.
More about milanesa here.


Tia also baked one of the two cakes my dad had for his 70th birthday.


She made this thin soft cookie ( alfajor) and dulce de leche layered cake.


She then covered it in her famously delicious merengue.


She finishes the merengue top and torches it to brown the merengue.


Tia’s secret ingredient is LOVE. She loves baking and it shows. The smile she wears while in the kitchen is priceless.


TADAH! Dad’s birthday cake made by Tia Lili.


Wouldn’t you smile this big if you had two huge cakes? I know I certainly wow. Dad devoured his 2 pieces of cake up. I now know where I inherited my sweet tooth from.

I hope you enjoyed spending this week of Tia Liliana’s cooking as much as I did.

*Gracias Tia Lili por cuidarnos tan bien. Besitos y saludos a todos.*


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