Self Thought : A Few Questions to Ask Yourself.

I posted this right before Christmas but I find that today would be a good time to reread this and think about the answers. Self Thought : A Few Questions to Ask Yourself..

With the New Year approaching, it is time for introspection. NBravoSelfThought

Overall how would you rate your year?

What would you improve?

How do you plan on doing so?

What will guarantee that these changes happen?


My self reflection:

Overall how would you rate your year?

This year was amazing. I am in a happy, healthy, loving relationship. My family and I have become closer since I removed some negative “friends”. My job was making me unhappy; I quit. Traveling was always a dream and now it is my reality. My health is improving since I shed the things that stress me out. I gave up habits that were impeding me from living up to my potential. I would say my year was an 8 out of 10.

What would you improve?

I would improve my education. My attitude also needs some adjusting. It has changed since I am not surrounded by negative people that bring out the evil in me. Instead, the people around me have goals and recognize that change is crucial to one’s growth. Time management needs to be better. Time is money, but money can not buy us more time. Lastly, my sleeping pattern needs to change; currently it is random. I nap then stay awake for long periods of time.

How do you plan on doing so?

I intend to go to school. Education is very important to me. Studying photography to the ultimate extent is extremely important to me and my art. Surrounding myself with good people to help me grow. As for time management, I am only using social media to promote my photography.  My sleeping pattern is so off that it requires a lot of work. I am no longer taking naps or drinking coffee. I am forcing myself to go to bed earlier ( even if it means I lay in bed awake).

What will guarantee that these changes happen? 

Since I published 25 years to forgive , everyone knows that I am undergoing some serious change. I am applying to graduate school. My family knows about my decision. I informed my Facebook-friends on my personal Facebook page that I will no longer be using that page. If they want to continue to receive news about my work they should follow my photo Facebook page. I no longer have an interest in reading news feeds. I will be reading things that improve me, not people’s status or gossip. It was a time sucker. To the friends that I still want in my life, I informed them of these changes and explained to them why I have chosen to keep them involved in my life. I will no longer text people that don’t respond in a timely fashion. If I am not worth a timely response, you are not worth my messages. It makes it easier to stop looking at my phone so often too. I am going to spend more time with my family and loved ones. Not having time suckers leaves me with extra time to devote to family and art. Also going to bed when my boyfriend goes to bed (early) has made sleeping a little easier. The rest is up to me and my will to make sure that I follow through with my self improvements; most of all, my self thoughts.


Feel free to share your answers below.


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