100 Moments of Self Peace

This weekend I will be sharing some older posts you might have missed.
One of my personal favorites is the celebration of my 100th post. You can click on each photo to see the original post! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together!
Peace, ❤ and 🙂

Savoring Moments

Today I am celebrating the 100th post on Savoring Moments.

I am a sentimentalist . I value the things that make me happy and like to show my gratitude by celebrating their continued existence and presence in my life. Most people celebrate the years they have spent together with their partners (we celebrate months even though if our relationship were a child it would be a toddler), goals achieved, miles on the car, millimeters the cactus grew & cats birthdays (what? doesn’t everyone celebrate pet bdays?).

Maintaining a blog is quite a task. Consideration of content is a new string of thoughts that forever hangs around the brain. I watch the amount of views as carefully as I watch the dollars in my wallet. The map on my blog statistics is almost full. The number of daily views is consistent because I am consistent. The first month of blogging I…

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