The History of Photography: More than Digital.

It is official, I have been photographing for half of my life. It is more than a hobby : it is my life. In the last decade and a half, the world of photography has changed and everyone now-a-days thinks they are photographers. Cell phone photos have their own galleries, photo-journalist have been fired and replace by amateurs with iPhones. Real photography is becoming a lost art. The majority of people that are self-titled photographers have never developed their own film, printed their own photos or know what an f/stop is. Photography is so much more than a snap. It is a useful tool that a lot of people use, but just because you use it does’t make you a pro. I cook every day, that by no means makes me a chef. I post on my blog daily, that by no means makes me a writer.


Kodak Autographic Folding #3A 1914

Just like anyone with an obsession, I am constantly researching cameras and photo news. The digital era has become the ultimate technological race. It has become about having the latest gear, the biggest, heaviest, priciest camera and accessories. Photography is so much more than just gear. It is about art,  life, feeling, history and meaning. During my many years of art school, I learned that yea, we can all make things, take pretty pictures, but it is about skill and knowledge. You have to explain your work in artistic and historic terms and it has to have meaning to others, not just you.


Alfred Stieglitz

“Before the people at large, and for that matter, the artists themselves, understand what photography really means, as I understand that term, it is essential for them to be taught the real meaning of art.”

~Alfred Stieglitz


Paul Strand

“It is one thing to photograph people.

It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.”

~Paul Strand


D.J. Herda

My top 10 list of Influential Photographers

Click on their names to see their wiki pages.

1-Nicéphore Niépce


2-Alfred Stieglitz


3-Margaret Bourke-White


4-Henri Cartier-Bresson


5-Ansel Adams


6-Edward Weston


7-George Hurrell


8-Dorothea Lange


9-Richard Avedon


10-James Nachtwey


With out them, photography would’t be what it is today.

My heroes.

My inpsiration.

Look them up and see for yourself why they are so significant in the world of photography.

Below if an info graphic about photography. The only thing I would add to this is polaroid. Polaroid was the beginning of the instant gratification era. Each photo came with the necessary chemistry to develop itself within minutes.


Have any additions?

Feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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