La Vie en Rose.

Can I tell you a love story?


There was a girl, as sad as can be. She was unhappy with her recent choice of returning to her old life. She lived with fear. Her fear lead to seclusion. Her seclusion lead her to loneliness.

There was a boy, as sad as can be. He was unhappy with the choices he made of returning to his old ways. His sadness lead him astray. He locked up his heart and put it away.

 Two acquaintances. Each one separated by their own individual unhappiness.

 One day, in a casual conversation, their eyes met. Smiles flashed. Sparks flew. Next thing  you knew, they were setting a date, their first date.

On their first date, they walked in the rain. Watching the rain pour down his face, it became apparent to her that she wanted him. She wanted him in a way that made her vulnerable. That scared her.

On their second date,he hurried to meet her. Then, it became apparent to him that he wanted her. He wanted her in a way that made him vulnerable. That scared him.

Were they going to let fear stand in the way of happiness?


Together they set off hand-in-hand leaving their old lives behind.


Two years later, here they stand, still hand-in-hand, scribbling their names in the sand, working on their future plans and still deeply in love.


That sad, lonely, secluded girl was me. No, longer unhappy, no longer secluded and certainly not lonely.

That unhappy boy was you. No longer stray or trapped by your old ways.

Together, we have unlocked each other’s hearts.

I am unconditionally yours.

Happy Anniversary my love.


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