World’s Fair: 50th Anniversary (Part I)


On this day, 50 years ago, Queens debuted the unisphere for the 1964 World’s Fair.  The unisphere and the World Pavilion Towers are landmarks in Queens. Anyone that has flown into NY via LaGuardia airport, has seen these from the air or expressway. Once upon a time, the towers standing 100 feet high, were designed as an observation deck to the best view in Queens. The Pavilion Towers have been padlocked for decades and have miraculously avoided demolition.





The 1964 W.F was the 3rd largest fair held in New York City. It was an international and universal fair; the fair’s motto ” Peace Through Understanding”. The fair ran for two-six month seasons attracting tourists from all over the world.  Flushing Meadow Park also hosted the 1939 W.F, making it one of the world’s largest exposition.


What the World Pavilion looked like when it was originally opened.


Today, is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the first of two W.F seasons. From 11a.m-2p.m the World Pavilion will be open to the public for free. My whole life I have lived among these landmarks and today will be the first time I set foot inside the large rotund structure.


3 year-old me with the World Pavilion Towers in the background. Circa 1986



The project I am current working on has drastically increased my knowledge about the W.F. To learn more about my latest photographic project check out my Kodak post. NBravoWorldFair8


Certainly worth the visit next time you are in New York. It’s also a good excuse to come to Queens and get an ice from the Lemon Ice King of Corona.NBravoWorldFair3


Learn more about the World’s Fair:

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