How my love for animals began.

A Thursday to contemplate the past.

Savoring Moments

My name is Natali and besides being a photographer, I am an animal lover. Aside from spiders and clowns, I love the world and all of its creatures.

Gramps,sisandme My Sister Nadia on the left, My Grandpa Josè top right, me at 8 years lower right dressed as a black cat.

I was nine when I first visited an animal shelter. Of course, I did NOT come home empty handed.

chachitoandblackie Blackie (L) Chachito (R)
The shared everything, even a chair while eating a doggy pop.

We came home with Chachito (chah-chee-toe). A few weeks later, we adopted my cousin’s pup, Blackie. My cousin adopted Blackie the same we adopted Chachito. My cousin was unable to care for him and we jumped at the chance to have Blackie around all the time. Chachito and Blackie grew up together and became inseparable.  They cared for one another like siblings do.  A few years later…

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2 thoughts on “How my love for animals began.

  1. Lover of animals too, except the 8-legged 🙂 I had many animals growing up and it was fun growing up on a farm too. I love the baby animals this time of year. Happy Day – thanks so much for sharing!

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