A Year of Savoring Moments.


One year ago, I started a journey to find Self Peace. This blog was created as a place to curate my photography and share it with people from all over world and that is exactly what it has done. Photography entered my life when I was 15 and in desperate need of self expression. At a young age I realized that I needed to live up to my own expectations and no one else’s. Life, we only get one. Why live it being mad and fighting? Why hide who you really are?

When I created this blog, my life was in the midst of a huge transformation. Very much like plate-tectonics, aspects of my life crash against  each other and cause humungous earthquakes that end in emotional devastation. Naturally, change was needed.

In the last year I have learned to open up. I am what you would call a bashful writer. One that occasionally wants to be heard but spends most of the time quietly reading other’s works. This blog has forced me to work on my writing skills and serves as a great filter of thoughts. Savoring Moments together with you the past year has been an incredible experience. I have connected with some amazing people just by opening up and sharing. I look forward to Year number two.

“Taking a peaceful Hiatus.” 




3 thoughts on “A Year of Savoring Moments.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your words and art with us. You are so very talented and I am looking forward to year two. 🙂

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