Back to Reality.


Summing up the past three months feels impossible. The best way of sharing my experiences with you is little by little. Post by Post. This post is a quick ‘Hello, I’m Back!’ and some background on the posts that are to come.

Backpacking around South America is an amazing experience and I recommend doing it, at least once in your life. A three month hiatus to Miami, Various parts of Argentina, Chile and Peru and now back to reality. Adjusting to my normal, daily life routine has been a little difficult. For the past three months have been unplanned, eye-the-place-out, shoot and move on.Many nights have been spent on a bus traveling from place to place. Forming bonds with fellow travelers in a few hours and then parting ways, becomes a norm. By the end of the trip, saying goodbye no longer feels  the same.





3 thoughts on “Back to Reality.

  1. You forgot to mention that your trip began in Florida with one of the most amazingly screwed up people you love and having her 16 yr old fall in love with you again! !

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