Nine Years Later.

My trip started in Miami Florida. There were three things on my to do list : Sara, Art Deco architecture & the beach. Today’s post is about the first one, my dear friend Sara. This year marks a decade of friendship, we were due for a reunion.

Sara and I both lived in Las Vegas when we met. Our relationship started off as co-workers and metamorphosed into a perservering friendship. In a little over a year, we developed a closeness that would survive nine years of long distance. Occasional phone calls, texts and comments would keep one another in the loop. Nine years have lapsed since we said goodbye at that bagel shop with Ira.

When I landed at Miami International airport, a black-on-black SUV pulled up with a curvaceous brunette flashing a grin and a pleased expression on her face. It was Sara. That first hug overcame nine years of absence. From that moment on, we picked up where we left off, still knowing each other so very well. Felt like time stood still, but we were both ten years older and ten years wiser.


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