Casa Casuarina



Once upon a time, 1992 to be exact, famed italian designer Gianni Versace had a vision for a home. He purchased an old art deco mansion built in 1930’s by philantropist Alden Freeman on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami. This house was modeled after the oldest house on the western hemisphere, built by the son of Christopher Columbus. Versace quarreled with the Miami Design Preservation League over the demolition of a historic, art deco property called The Revere Hotel. His abundance of wealth allowed him to overcome the MDPL and continue the construction of the mansion he named Casa Casuarina.

One morning in 1997, Gianni Versace walked out to get his morning coffee and paper and was murdered on the steps you see pictured above. After that, the future of Casa Casuarina was uncertain. In 2009 it became the high end hotel The Villa By Barton G.

The Villa’s front entrance is always guarded by good looking, sharply dressed men prohibiting  an entrance to the hundreds of tourists attracted to the location where the morbid tale of the late designer Gianni Versace’s death took place.




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