Makey, Makey the Art.

Let me begin by apologizing for my hiatus. Since my last post, I have been fully immersed in the art world. As an MFA candidate, an extreme amount of studio time is required and the attendance of many social art gatherings is mandated which, has forced me to take a long break from blogging. The first year of the MFA lead me explore the relationship between photography and sculpture. The fluctuation of dimensions has been my current curiosity. Using photography as an object and using found objects as framework for photography is the most recent exploration in my work.

In the spring semester, serendipity presented me with a large panel of lace. This installation Blue & Lace was created from the inspiration that followed the finding of that particular piece of lace. The exploration of found objects is something that fascinates me and is inspired Marcel Duchamp (king of the ready-mades). Stay tuned for more works in the coming months.

Natali S. Bravo, Blue & Lace , September 2015, Installation, mannequins and cyanotypes on cotton paper, 8 ft. x 7 ft.


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